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Strategic Management In Sport

Main Topics of Study

The Strategic Management Process for Sport

  • The need for effective strategy in the sport management industry
  • Strategy as a focus of the sports organisation or enterprise
  • The need for maximisation of the sport organisation’s resources and capabilities to gain a competitive advantage
  • Deliberate and emergent forms of sport strategy
  • Flexibility for change
  • Strategy driving structure

Strategic Analysis of a Sport Enterprise

  • Sport enterprises surveying the external environment (PESTLE)
  • Environmental scanning within the sport industry
  • Sport industry analysis
  • Sport competitor analysis
  • Internal resource audit of a sport organisation
  • Using strategic models to analyse a sport organisation
  • Making sense of the analysis in a sport context

Strategic Formulation within the Sport Industry

  • Understanding how the key analytical factors (above) can affect a sport enterprise
  • Considering the various options that fit well with the sport enterprise analysis
  • Mission formulation
  • Stakeholder values, power, interest and expectations of the sport enterprise
  • Positioning the sport organisation relative to competitors – cost leadership or differentiation?
  • Resource based view of strategy tailored to sport
  • Strategic choice within the sport setting

Strategic Implementation for a Sport Business

  • Management of change issues for sport
  • Assessment of risk and the importance of strategic leadership
  • The need for the sport manager to utilise communication and consultation to assist successful implementation within the sport enterprise
  • Possible implementation problems for the sport enterprise to overcome to ensure success

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Sport Management (Active Learning in Sport Series)

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