About ICM and Our Heritage

Established as a charity for global outreach in 1979, the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) is the leading professional body for commercial and business development staff. ICM provides a wide range of professional qualifications in business, management and related vocational areas. Our programmes are designed to address and respond to the training needs as well as the personal development of Learners, whether entering or continuing to work within the wide and varied commercial sector. ICM exhibits best practice in responding to the academic and vocational needs of Learners by regular liaison and structured feedback mechanisms, thereby ensuring that we stay in touch with the needs of Centres and Learners. We strive to implement rigour in the award of credit, inclusive in assessment and examination, accuracy and efficiency in the certification of all our Learners undertaking business, management and related vocational education programmes.

Business Education and Training Programmes

ICM's global services include the design, development and certification of business education and training programmes. The development and certification of bespoke education and training programmes for the corporate sector means that our courses are fit for purpose. ICM works with a range of public and private sector clients including universities, business schools, colleges, training providers and government agencies.

Affordable, fit for purpose qualifications

John Caithness Profile Photo

John Caithness
Chair of Trustee

“Now retired, I specialised in Employment Taxes including Share incentive schemes, profit extraction, tax efficient remuneration planning, efficient benefits and related tax and National Insurance issues.”
Photo of Alaa Garad

Alaa Garad,

"I hold a Bachelor of Commerce, Master Degree in Quality Management and PhD in Organizational Learning and Excellence. I am a Certified EFQM Assessor, licensed IIP Specialist, Chief Examiner and Juror at several national and regional quality and excellence awards."
Cres George Profile Photo

Cres George

“A financial services professional with far-reaching and extensive knowledge and skills as a specialist in, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Organisational Development and generalist HR, attained during a progressive career both in global & regional organisations such as Mphasis - Zurich Financial Services, Ageas UK, Be Wiser Insurance and Wiser Academy.”
Photo of Adair Ford

Adair Ford,
Chief Executive

"We want to continue to provide affordable, fit for purpose qualifications to meet the needs of those hard to reach Learners."
ICM Team Member Photo

Lizzie Gauntlett
Risk and Implementation Manager

“Committed to ensuring equality and access for learners in the context of qualification delivery and assessment.”
ICM Team Member Photo

Ellie Campbell
Business Development and Delivery Manager

"We aim to improve equality of opportunity in education throughout the world and make education accessible to all."
ICM Team Member Photo

Roxanne O’sullivan
Examining and Awarding Manager

“We are extremely proud of what we do and how we help our learners gain the knowledge and skills to help them progress in their chosen careers.”

Welcome from Adair Ford


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