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Post Graduate Diploma in Management Case Studies

All units on this programme have pre-issued material provided to learners. Based on this material, learners can prepare notes (up to two pages - 4 sides of A4) that can be taken into the examination room. At the end of all examinations, learners should securely attach these prepared notes to the examination script for return to ICM. For some of the examinations, marks will be awarded for these notes.

It is vitally important that learners read the pre-issued material available in the Case Studies section. This will provide more information about which units include an additional percentage allocation for submission of the learner’s prepared notes. For example, for the March examination series, three out of the six units have 15% allocated to the prepared notes. This means that for these units, the questions in the examinations will be marked as normal, and then the marks will be adjusted to take into account this additional requirement. Therefore, the answers to the examination questions will be worth 85% of the total, with the other 15% being allocated on the basis of the prepared material submitted by the learner. Please note, the pre-issued material, including the case studies, will contain details of when this additional allocation is being given.

Please note that all units (including Financial Decision Making) have pre-issued material to be considered prior to the examination.

Available case studies for September 2020 exam series:

ICM Remote Assignments (RAs) are replacing traditional examinations for the December 2020 series. The RA case studies are within each RA Question Paper. Please regularly refer to the ICM News and Announcements page for updates and arrangements on RAs and any further changes as and when traditional examinations recommence.

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