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Organisational Behaviour & Hospitality Management

Main Topics of Study


  • What is organisational behaviour?
  • Why organisational behaviour in hotels and restaurants
  • Why an international perspective?
  • The content of the book
  • Writing style

Ways of Seeing Organisations

  • Introduction
  • Reading organisations
  • What is organisational behaviour?
  • Looking at elephants
  • Management gurus
  • Learning about organisational behaviour
  • Tips for studying organisational behaviour

Ways of Seeing Hospitality Organisations

  • Introduction
  • Being hospitable
  • Selling a service
  • Hotels and restaurants as leisure products
  • Work in hotels and restaurants

The Many Faces of Culture

  • Introduction
  • What is culture?
  • Uncovering culture
  • National cultures
  • Organisational culture

Motivation, Job Performance and Job Satisfaction

  • What do people want from work?
  • Content theories of motivation
  • Process theories of motivation
  • Money and motivation

Groups & Leading Groups

  • Working with others
  • How do groups work?
  • Leading the group
  • How can group working and leadership skills be improved?

Designing Jobs and Organisational Structures

  • Introduction
  • Enrich or simplify?
  • The characteristics of an enriched job
  • Against job enrichment
  • The flexible organization
  • Organisational structures

Managers and Their Roles

  • Introduction
  • What do managers do?
  • What do hospitality managers do?
  • Controversies in hospitality management
  • Is management changing?
  • Women managers: female travellers in a male world
  • Travellers in a white world

Serving Customers

  • How do you “manage” a smile?
  • The sovereign customer
  • It’s all an act
  • The customer is not always right

The Wider Environment

  • Introduction
  • The survival of the fittest
  • Organisations as instruments of domination
  • Social responsibility

Into the Future

  • Ways of seeing organisations
  • Ways of seeing hospitality organisations
  • The many faces of culture
  • Motivation, job performance and satisfaction
  • Groups and leading groups
  • Designing jobs and organisation structures
  • Managers and their roles
  • Serving the customer
  • The wider environment
  • Final thoughts

Recommended Reading

Main Text:

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Organizational Behaviour in Hotels & Restaurants – Yvonne Guerrier (Wiley)

Indicative Text:

Alternative Text and Further Reading: