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Tourism Marketing & Promotion

Main Topics of Study

Introduction to Travel and Tourism

  • Travel and tourism demand
  • Component sectors of travel and tourism supply
  • Changing prospects for twenty-first century tourism

What Does Marketing Mean?

  • What is marketing?
  • Management attitudes, customer focus and the external business environment
  • The marketing propositions
  • Marketing feasibility

Characteristics of Travel and Tourism Marketing

  • Marketing goods and services
  • Services and their characteristics
  • Particular characteristics of travel and tourism services
  • How marketing in travel and tourism differs from other forms of marketing

Factors Influencing Demand for Tourism: Tourism Motivations and Buyer Behaviour

  • Main determinants of demand
  • Marketing response to the determinants of tourism
  • Buyer behaviour model for travel and tourism
  • Buyer characteristics
  • Consumer decision-making process
  • Using consumer behaviour data for marketing

Market Segmentation

  • Multiple segments in travel and tourism
  • Reasons for segmenting markets
  • Conditions to effective segmentation
  • Segmentation methods
  • Benefits of effective market segmentation

Product Formulation in Travel and Tourism

  • Components of travel and tourism products
  • Components of the overall tourism product
  • Marketing implications of the overall tourism product concept
  • Customer as a participant in the production process
  • Co-branding and co-marketing

The Evolving Marketing Mix for Tourism Services

  • Original marketing mix
  • Four Ps and four Cs
  • Marketing mix in the context of the marketing system
  • Internal marketing
  • The service delivery process
  • Consumer centric marketing

Marketing Research in Travel and Tourism

  • Categories of marketing research and their uses
  • Marketing research methods
  • Commissioning a market research agency
  • Researching customer satisfaction

Planning Marketing Strategy

  • Need for strategic planning
  • Model of strategic planning process
  • Business portfolio analysis
  • Corporate strategy and objectives
  • Marketing planning process
  • Branding and image
  • Corporate communication role of marketing plans

Marketing Planning Process: Budgeting and Evaluating Marketing Performance

  • Significance of marketing plans
  • Steps in the marketing planning process
  • Marketing campaigns in travel and tourism
  • Marketing campaign budgets
  • Budgeting methods
  • Performance measurement: evaluation, monitoring and control
  • Campaign plan monitoring

Growth and Role of Information and Communications Technology

  • Evolution of Information Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Future of ICT
  • How is ICT influencing tourism marketing?
  • Barriers to the growth of E-tourism
  • Impact of ICT on the marketing mix
  • Uses of websites in marketing
  • Database marketing and the internet

Distribution Channels in Travel and Tourism

  • Strategic choices in distribution
  • Principles of distribution
  • Distribution channels or access systems
  • Benefits and costs of using intermediaries
  • Evolution of distribution systems
  • Managing the marketing channel

Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Principles of integrated marketing communications
  • Stages in the marketing communication process
  • Promotional mix
  • Role of advertising agencies
  • Public relations
  • Sponsorship
  • Sales promotions
  • Advertising
  • Types of print materials used in marketing travel and tourism
  • Stages in producing effective information materials
  • Distributing information to target audiences
  • Electronic alternatives to print

Marketing Tourism Destinations

  • Dimensions of destination marketing
  • Marketing role of NTOs
  • Destination promotions
  • Destination positioning, themes, images and concepts
  • Marketing facilitation strategies for an NTO
  • Consumer assistance and protection

Marketing Accommodation

  • Serviced and non-serviced accommodation
  • Role of accommodation in the overall tourism product
  • Nature of the accommodation business
  • Strategic marketing tasks for accommodation businesses
  • Accommodation marketing budgets

Managing Marketing Passenger Transport

  • The nature of transport systems
  • The nature of the transport product
  • Vehicle technology
  • Information and communications technology
  • Operational constraints on public transport marketing
  • Strategic linkages and alliances
  • Tactical marketing

Marketing Visitor Attractions

  • Traditional and modern concepts of attractions management
  • Characteristics of managed visitor attractions
  • The attractions product: marketing the experience
  • Market segments for visitor attractions
  • Marketing strategy for attractions
  • Operating constraints on marketing

Marketing Inclusive Tours and Product Packages

  • Nature of inclusive tours and product packages
  • Process of constructing an inclusive tour programme
  • Strategic issues for contracting tour operators
  • Positioning, branding, image
  • Choice of distribution options
  • Tactical marketing

Recommended Reading

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Alternative Text and Further Reading:

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