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Human Resource Development II

Main Topics of Study

Learning and Development

  • Strategic importance
  • Individual learning and development
  • Theories of learning

Leadership and Management Development

  • Purpose of leadership and management development
  • Leadership and management development strategy and development

Organisational Development

  • Definition, history and theory of organisational development
  • Techniques and practices of organisational development
  • The learning organisation

Relationships and Rights at Work

  • The contract
  • Common law and statutory regulation
  • Common law duties of employer and employee
  • Statute law and the employment contract
  • Terminations of contacts

Employee Engagement

  • Characteristics and concepts
  • Engagement and well-being
  • Enhancing engagement

Performance Management

  • Definitions and approaches

Employee Reward

  • Reward management
  • Reward choices
  • Pay determination

Employee Voice

  • Trade union and representation
  • Non-union systems

The Public Sector

  • Employee development
  • Leadership and management

International Human Resource Management

  • European and Asian context and practices

Recommended Reading

Main Text:

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Human Resource Management: A Contemporary Approach, 7th edition, 2014, J. Beardwell & A. Thompson, FT Publishing International.

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