Institute of Commercial Management | Qualification Subject

Restaurant Services

Main Topics of Study

Staff and Workplace

  • Restaurant service in catering context
  • Waiting staff and kitchen support
  • Conduct and appearance
  • Restaurant and equipment
  • Ancillary sections and services
  • Preparing the restaurant

Meals and Menus

  • Menu trends and composition
  • Function menu making
  • Food and menu terms
  • Cookery as product knowledge

Main Meal Service

  • Preparing for service
  • Guest reception and orders
  • Forms of service
  • Procedures and techniques
  • Serving courses and dishes

Control, Functions and Other Services

  • Checking, control and the bill
  • Functions and outside catering
  • Breakfast, lounge and floor service

Liquor and Tobacco

  • Table wine and wine lists
  • Equipment and handling
  • Serving and selling
  • Drinks, licensing and tobacco

Recommended Reading

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Food & Beverage Service – Lillicrap & Cousins  (Hodder & Stoughton)

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