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Principles & Practice Of Selling

Main Topics of Study

Development and Role of Selling in Marketing

  • Background
  • Nature and role of selling
  • Characteristics of modern selling
  • The nature and role of sales management
  • Types of selling
  • The marketing concept
  • Implementing the marketing concept
  • Relationship between sales and marketing

Consumer and Organisational Buyer Behaviour

  • Differences between consumer and organisational buying
  • Consumer buyer behaviour
  • Factors affecting the consumer decision-making process
  • Organisational buyer behaviour
  • Factors affecting organisational buyer behaviour
  • Developments in purchasing practice
  • Relationship management

Sales Settings

  • Sales channels
  • Selling for resale
  • Selling services
  • Sales promotions
  • Exhibitions
  • Public Relations

International Selling

  • Economic aspects
  • International selling and the individual company
  • Cultural factors in international selling
  • Organisation for international selling

Law and Ethical Issues

  • The contract
  • Terms and conditions
  • Terms of trade
  • Business practices and legal control
  • Ethical issues

Sales Responsibilities and Preparation

  • Sales responsibilities
  • Preparation

Personal Selling Skills

  • The opening
  • Need and problem identification
  • The presentation and demonstration
  • Dealing with objection
  • Negotiation
  • Closing the sale
  • Follow-up

Key Account Management

  • What is key account management
  • Advantages and dangers of key account management to sellers and customers
  • Criteria for selecting key accounts
  • Tasks and skills of key account management
  • Key account management relational development model
  • Global account management
  • Building relationships with key accounts
  • Key account information and planning system
  • Key success factors for key account management

Relationship Selling

  • Total quality management to customer care
  • Reverse marketing
  • Relationship marketing to relationship selling
  • Tactics of relationship selling

Direct Marketing

  • Direct marketing and database marketing
  • Managing a direct marketing campaign

Internet and IT applications in selling and Sales Management

  • The changing nature of the sales force
  • Electronic commerce and electronic procurement
  • Using technology to support sales activities
  • Using technology to improve sales management
  • Social media and selling

Recommended Reading

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Selling and Sales Management, 10th edition, Geoffrey Lancaster & David Jobber, Pearson.

Indicative Text:

Alternative Text and Further Reading:

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