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Accident & Emergency Procedures

Main Topics of Study

Accident Investigation and Reporting

  • Internal Investigation
  • Interpreting Findings
  • Reporting to Authority
  • Lost Time

First Aid

  • Assessing First Aid Requirements
  • Equipment
  • Number and Type of First Aid Personnel

Premises Fire Risk Assessment

  • Owner/Occupier Duties
  • Identifying Persons at Risk
  • Identifying Hazards
  • Review

Fire Detection and Alarms

  • Purpose and Requirements of an Alarm System
  • Types and Suitability of Sensors
  • Maintenance and Testing

Fire Emergency Procedures and Means of Escape

  • Fire Wardens and Training
  • Evacuation
  • Escape Routes
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Assembly Points
  • Disabled Persons

Recommended Reading

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Introduction to Health and Safety at Work 5th Edition by Hughes MBE MSc FIOSH RSP, Phil, Ferrett PhD BSc (Hons En) (2011)

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