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Structure Of Travel & Tourism

ICM Professional Diploma Unit

An Introduction to Tourism

  • Defining tourism
  • The tourist product
  • The nature of a tour
  • The tourist destination

The History of Tourism: From Its Origins to the Age of Steam

  • Introduction
  • Travel in the Middle Ages
  • Developments in road transport in the seventeenth to early nineteenth centuries
  • The grand tour
  • Political hindrance to travel
  • The development of the spas
  • The rise of the seaside resort
  • The conditions favouring the expansion of travel in the nineteenth century
  • The age of steam
  • Other late-nineteenth-century developments

Tourism in the Twentieth Century

  • The first fifty years
  • Tourism since World War II
  • Factors influencing changes in tourism demand

Tourist Motivation and Behaviour

  • Introduction
  • The tourist’s needs and wants
  • General and specific motivation
  • Motivators and facilitators
  • Psychological and sociological factors influencing motivation
  • The motivation of business travellers

The Structure and Organisation of the Travel and Tourism Industry

  • The tourism chain of distribution
  • Common-interest organisations
  • Integration in the tourism industry
  • Conglomerates and international integration

Passenger Transport: the Aviation Business

  • Introduction
  • The airline business
  • The organisation of air transport
  • Air transport regulation
  • Deregulation of air transport
  • The economics of airline operation
  • The marketing of air services

Water-borne Passenger Transport

  • Introduction
  • The ocean liners
  • Cruising
  • Ferry services
  • Coastal and inland waterways tourism
  • Seagoing pleasure craft

Other Modes of Tourist Travel

  • The role of the railways in tourism
  • Coach travel
  • The private car
  • Cycling and tourism
  • Tourists on foot

The Hospitality Sector: Accommodation and Catering Services

  • Introduction
  • The structure of the accommodation sector
  • The nature of demand for accommodation facilities
  • The distribution of accommodation
  • Environmental issues

Visitor Attractions and Visitor Management

  • Introduction
  • Seaside resorts
  • Spa tourism
  • Urban tourism
  • Rural tourism
  • Purpose-built attractions
  • Other site attractions
  • Cultural tourism
  • Retail shopping
  • Events

Tour Operating

  • The role of the tour operator
  • The specialised roles of tour operators
  • The British tour operating scene
  • The nature of tour operating
  • Control over tour operating
  • Planning, marketing and operating package tours
  • The process of negotiating
  • The role of the resort representative
  • Pricing the package tour
  • The tour brochure
  • The reservations system
  • The distribution network
  • The IT revolution and its impact on tour operating

Travel Retailing

  • Introduction
  • The role of travel agents
  • Setting up and running a travel agency
  • Travel agency skills and competences
  • Business travel
  • Travel agency appointments
  • Profitability of travel agents

Ancillary Tourism Services

  • Introduction
  • Services to the tourist
  • Services to the supplier
  • Marketing services

The Structure and Role of Public Sector Tourism

  • Introduction
  • The nature of government involvement
  • Planning and facilitating tourism
  • Control and supervision in tourism
  • The organisation of public sector tourism
  • Public sector tourism in Britain
  • Functions of the tourist boards

Tourism Design and Management

  • Introduction
  • The role of design in tourism
  • The management of tourism sites

The Social and Environmental Impact of Tourism

  • Introduction
  • The environmental effects of tourism
  • Planning for control and conservation
  • The socio-cultural effects of tourism
  • Managing the social impact of tourism
  • The future of tourism

Example Candidate Response Booklet

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Recommended Reading

Main Text:

The Business of Tourism - Christopher Holloway(Published by FT Prentice Hall)

Indicative Text:

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