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Hotel & Catering Law

Main Topics of Study

Law and the Legal System

  • Legislation
  • The common law
  • Going to law

The Catering Enterprise

  • Choosing the form of business enterprise
  • The proprietor or sole trader
  • Partnership
  • Companies

Hotel and Catering Premises

  • Acquisition of premises
  • The hotelier’s liability as an occupier of premises
  • Public health and hygiene
  • Fire safety
  • Lost property found on the premises
  • Staff accommodation
  • Security

The Hotelier and the Guest

  • The contract of booking
  • Consumer protection and booking contracts
  • The registration of guests
  • Inns
  • Duties of the innkeeper
  • The innkeeper’s duty towards the property of guests
  • The enforcement of the innkeeper’s duties
  • The innkeeper’s liability as an occupier of premises
  • The rights of an innkeeper
  • The rights and duties of a hotel
  • Non-payment by guests and travellers

The Restaurateur and the Customer

  • Contracts for the sale of food and drink
  • Criminal liability for the sale of food and drink
  • Refusing service to the customer
  • Theft by customers

Commercial Contracts and the Caterer

  • Standard form contracts
  • The terms of a commercial contract

Licensing Law

  • Liquor licensing
  • Restaurants, hotels and clubs
  • Permitted hours
  • The conduct of licensed premises
  • Weights and measures
  • Miscellaneous licences
  • Liability of intoxicated customers

Individual Rights and Duties in Relation to the Contract of Employment

  • The contract of employment
  • The terms of the contract of employment
  • Remuneration
  • The rights of employees during employment
  • Dismissal
  • Redundancy

Safety and Working Conditions

  • Civil aspects of health and safety at work
  • Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act 1963
  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Accidental dangerous occurrences
  • People at special risk
  • Insurance against injuries

The Employer, the Employee and the Trade Union

  • Trade Unions
  • The employee’s rights as a Trade Unionist
  • The closed shop
  • Trade Union ballots

Recommended Reading

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Principles of Hospitality Law – Michael Boella & Alan Pannett (Continuum)

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