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Fundamentals Of The Hotel & Catering Industry

ICM Professional Diploma Unit

Staying Away from Home

  • The importance of hotels
  • Travel and hotels
  • Two centuries of hotel-keeping
  • Hotels in the total accommodation market
  • Hotel location
  • Types of hotels

Hotel Products and Markets

  • The hotel as a total market concept
  • Hotel facilities and services as products
  • Hotel accommodation markets
  • Hotel catering markets
  • Hotel demand generating sources
  • Hotel market areas
  • Hotel market segmentation
  • Buying and paying for hotel services
  • Hotel marketing orientation

Hotel Policies, Philosophies and Strategies

  • Objectives and policies
  • General and sectional policies
  • Policy formulation, communication and review
  • Hotel philosophies
  • Hotel plans and strategies
  • The framework of hotel management

Rooms and Beds

  • Room sales
  • Guest accounts
  • Mail and other guest services
  • Uniformed services
  • Hotel housekeeping
  • Organisation and staffing
  • Accounting and control

Food and Drink

  • The food cycle
  • The beverage cycle
  • Hotel restaurants
  • Hotel bars
  • Room service
  • Functions
  • Food and beverage support services
  • Organisation and staffing
  • Accounting and control

Miscellaneous Guest Services

  • Guest telephones
  • Guest laundry
  • Rentals and concessions – other income
  • Accounting and control

Hotel Organisation

  • Rooms
  • Food and beverages
  • Miscellaneous guest services
  • Hotel support services
  • The management structure
  • Organisational structure of a large hotel
  • Accounting and control

Hotel Staffing

  • Determinants of hotel staffing
  • Numbers and payroll
  • Hotel products and staffing
  • Organisation of the personnel function
  • Organisation of training
  • Functions of the training division

Productivity in Hotels

  • Measures of labour productivity
  • Physical measures
  • Financial measures – sales and payroll
  • Physical/financial measures – sales per employee
  • Productivity measures – value added approach
  • Some ways to higher productivity
  • Productivity standards
  • Computers in hotels


  • From product to sales to marketing
  • The marketing concept
  • Special features of hotel marketing
  • The marketing cycle
  • Marketing resources
  • Hotels in the total tourist product

Property Ownership and Management

  • Property ownership
  • Property operation and maintenance energy

Finance and Accounts

  • The hotel balance sheet
  • Balance sheet ratios and analysis
  • The hotel profit and loss statement
  • Profit and loss ratios and analysis
  • Hotel operating profit
  • Balance sheet and profit and loss relationships
  • Liquidity ratios

The Small Hotel

  • Products and markets
  • Ownership and finance
  • Organisation and staffing
  • Accounting and control
  • The future of the small hotel

Hotel Groups

  • Advantages of groups
  • Problems of groups
  • Scope for centralisation
  • A concentrated hotel group
  • A dispersed hotel group

International Hotel Operations

  • Products
  • Markets
  • Cost and profit ratios
  • Ownership and finance
  • Organisation and general approach

Example Candidate Response Booklet

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