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Tourism & The Environment

Main Topics of Study

Tourism and Tourists

  • What is tourism?
  • The rise of tourism
  • Tourism today
  • International tourism
  • Domestic tourism in Britain
  • The tourism industry
  • Case study

The Geography of Tourism

  • What is the geography of tourism?
  • Britain’s inbound and outbound tourism geography
  • Tourist destinations in Britain
  • Route planning in Britain
  • Weather and tourism
  • Case study


  • Forms of transport
  • Carriers
  • Transport networks
  • Case study

The Retail Travel Trade

  • Travel agents and tour operators
  • Case study

Accommodation and Catering

  • Basic tourist requirements
  • Serviced accommodation
  • Self-catering accommodation
  • Catering for tourists
  • Case study

Tourist Attractions and Business Facilities

  • Trends in attractions
  • Theme parks
  • Business facilities
  • Case study

Tourism Promotion and Tourist Information

  • National tourist organisations
  • Regional tourist organisations
  • Local tourist offices
  • Tourism information
  • Case study

The Impact of Tourism on the Environment

  • Tourism and the environment in harmony
  • Tourism and the environment in conflict
  • Planning and managing tourism
  • Case study

The Impact of Tourism on the Economy

  • Tourism investments – the cost of tourism
  • Tourism returns – the benefits of tourism
  • Tourism and the balance of payments
  • Tourism and employment
  • Who benefits from tourism investment?
  • Case study

The Impact of Tourism on Culture and Communities

  • Changing attitudes of host populations
  • Cultural differences
  • Reactions of the host population to tourists
  • The impact of tourism on culture
  • Tourism and communication between cultures
  • Case study

Tourism Employment and Skills

  • Tourism employment
  • Characteristics of tourism employment
  • Tourism skills and attitudes
  • Case study

Recommended Reading

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Tourism – R Davidson (Pitman Publishing)

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