Institute of Commercial Management | Qualification Subject

Brand Identity and Design

ICM Professional Diploma Unit

This qualification is a new Single Subject and will be awarded as a Single Subject Certificate from June 2023.

Main Topics of Study:

Branding Basics

  • Consumer culture
  • What is a brand?
  • Why do we brand?
  • How does branding work?
  • History of branding
  • Changes in branding
  • Future of brands
  • Maintaining brand status

Brand Anatomy

  • Logos
  • Straplines/Taglines
  • Appealing to the senses
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand families
  • Internal and external branding
  • Terminology

Brand Strategy

  • Standing out
  • Unique selling points
  • Semiotics
  • Naming brands
  • Using emotion
  • Brand personality
  • Targeting marketing and positioning
  • Brand revolution and cultural branding
  • Rebranding
  • Trend forecasting and analysis
  • Ethics

The Design Process

  • Why use a design process?
  • How does the design process work?
  • Design process stages
  • Design team
  • Creative process
  • Design process in the academic environment


  • Why research?
  • Research methods
  • The audience
  • Use of social media
  • Visual research
  • Other forms of research


  • Defining the unique selling point
  • Market sector analysis
  • Product category analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand environment
  • Forecasting
  • Data analysis to interpret opportunities
  • Brand creation strategies
  • Research and analysis in an educational setting

Concept Development

  • Inspiration
  • Ideas
  • Visualising and analysing inspiration
  • Initial concept ideas
  • Source material

Delivering the Final Design

  • Choosing the concept
  • Final refinements
  • Presentation materials
  • Communication boards
  • Digital versus print presentations
  • Client presentation
  • Testing
  • Launching the brand identity
  • Beyond delivery

This unit is part of the ICM Level 5 Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

Example Candidate Response Booklet

Example Candidate Response (ECR) Booklets are a source of crucial information for Centres and Candidates as they use real candidate responses. We ask Senior Examiners to comment on five or more responses in terms of why the mark was awarded with commentary about how to improve the answer (if necessary).

Recommended Reading

Main Text:

Slade-Brooking, C. (2016). Creating a Brand Identity. London: Laurence King Publishing Ltd.

Indicative Text:

Alternative Text and Further Reading: