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Framework For Successful Health & Safety Management

ICM Professional Diploma Unit


  • Role of the health and safety policy
  • 3 key elements of a comprehensive health and safety policy
  • Setting targets
  • The impact of effective health and safety policies on business thinking – corporate strategy and social responsibility, finance, human resources, marketing, product design and product liability, manufacturing and operating policy
  • Information management and systems.

Organising for health and safety

  • Management control through commitment
  • Key personnel and their duties
  • Cooperation through communication
  • Consultation and committee
  • Employee, management and contractor competence
  • Principals of training
  • Training matrix development

Planning and implementing

  • Precautions at key stages of the business process
  • Risk control systems through input, process and output
  • Planning for safety management systems
  • Implementing safety management systems

Measuring performance

  • Active monitoring
  • Reactive monitoring
  • Comprehensive investigation and response systems
  • Prioritising and implementing action plans

Auditing and reviewing performance

  • Why audit?
  • Methods of audit
  • Methods of reviewing performance
  • Key performance indicators

Example Candidate Response Booklet

Example Candidate Response (ECR) Booklets are a source of crucial information for Centres and Candidates as they use real candidate responses. We ask Senior Examiners to comment on five or more responses in terms of why the mark was awarded with commentary about how to improve the answer (if necessary).

Recommended Reading

Main Text:

Introduction to Health & Safety at Work: Hughes & Ferrett, Taylor & Francis

Indicative Text:

Alternative Text and Further Reading:

Successful Health and Safety Management - HSE Books HSG65 - ISBN 978 0 7176 1276 5