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Tour Operations

Main Topics of Study

The Fundamental Working Structure of Tour Operating

  • Learning objectives
  • Introduction
  • Features of the tour operator’s product
  • The main categories of tour operator
  • Domestic tour operators
  • Specialist tour operators
  • Incoming tour operators
  • Independent contractors and producer-owned companies
  • Setting up a tour operating company
  • The market-place for tour operators
  • The tour operating company

The Planning, Pricing and Production of the Package Programme

  • Learning objectives
  • Introduction
  • Planning a programme of package holidays
  • The outline stages involved in the planning of a tour programme

The Tour Operators’ Products and Destinations

  • Learning objectives
  • Introduction
  • The short-haul product – Europe
  • The long-haul product
  • Holiday product types

Tour Operating Marketing

  • Learning objectives
  • Introduction
  • Advertising
  • Direct marketing through the media
  • The internet revolution for tour operators

The Brochure

  • Learning objectives
  • Introduction
  • The booking form
  • Brochures: the legal position

Administration Procedures

  • Learning objectives
  • Introduction
  • Administration departments
  • Manual reservation systems
  • Computerised reservations systems
  • Holiday documentation
  • Other administrative functions
  • The role of the sales representative
  • Recruitment and training

Operations Overseas

  • Learning objectives
  • Introduction
  • The overseas department
  • The overseas staff
  • Resort representatives
  • Couriers
  • Ski resort staff
  • Campsite organisers
  • Adventure tour leaders
  • Drivers
  • Cruise company employees
  • What happens in emergencies?
  • Questions and discussion points

Tour Operating and the Law

  • Learning objectives
  • Introduction to the history of legislation and control
  • The package travel, package holidays and package tours regulations 1992
  • Consumer law
  • Bonding of holidays
  • The CAA and bonding of holidays with an air travel component
  • Air Travel Trust Fund (ATTF)
  • Insurance law
  • Tour operators’ trade associations
  • Discussion point

Travel Patterns and Trends

  • Learning objectives
  • An overview of destination trends
  • The future picture
  • Fighting back

The Impact of Tour Operations on Destinations

  • Learning objectives
  • Introduction
  • Factors which can affect a tour operator’s programme
  • Access and transport
  • Tour operators’ reactions

Case Studies and Press Articles on the Travel Industry

  • Tapestry Holidays
  • Palmair
  • Warsaw Convention airline case
  • Surcharges
  • Operators face fuel rap too
  • Bonding
  • Destination marking
  • Cruise venture
  • The grey market
  • Sustainable travel
  • Virtual brochures

Recommended Reading

Main Text:

The Holiday Organisers – Christopher Mace

Indicative Text:

Alternative Text and Further Reading: