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People In Business

Main Topics of Study

Personnel and Business

  • People and personnel
  • The working environment
  • The employee as an individual
  • The employee as a member of a group
  • The personnel officer’s day
  • The types of work available
  • The functions of the personnel department

Recruiting Staff

  • Avenues for recruitment
  • Personnel requisition
  • Job description
  • Advertising a vacancy
  • Job applications
  • Materials for regular letter writing
  • Layout of a business letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Testimonials and references
  • Interviews – firm’s and applicant’s viewpoints
  • Inducting a new member of staff

Incentives in Business

  • Why people work
  • Incentives for young people
  • Incentive packages for older staff
  • Calculating gross wages
  • The simplex wages system
  • The Kalamazoo Wages System
  • Commission
  • Bonus schemes and other forms of remuneration

Communication in Business

  • The meaning of communication
  • The pattern of business communication
  • Spoken penal communication
  • The telephone system
  • Analogue and digital systems
  • Telephone answering machines and paging devices
  • Mass media communication
  • Written communication – internal external written communication
  • External written telecommunications
  • Information technology
  • The computerisation of communication

Employer-Employee Relationships

  • Nature of the relationship
  • The personal rights of employees
  • The history of industrial relations
  • The collective rights of employees
  • Trade unions and employers’ organisations
  • Implications for the firm of industrial relations

Recommended Reading

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Business Studies – G Whitehead (Heinemann)

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