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Business Organisation

Main Topics of Study

Business Organisations

  • Types of business organisation
  • Sole trader organisations
  • Partnerships
  • Limited companies
  • Other types of organisation
  • Employment in these various organisations

Public Enterprise

  • The need for public enterprises
  • Central government departments
  • The civil service
  • Quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations
  • Local government

Internal Organisation of Businesses

  • Management of businesses
  • The board of directors
  • The orientation of companies
  • Relationships within an organisation
  • The principles of organisation
  • Departmental system

Location of Businesses

  • The need for premises
  • Considerations when acquiring premises
  • Setting up a business in a domestic property
  • What happens when objections are raised?
  • Restrictive covenants in leases and deeds
  • Other reasons for location
  • Location and industrial inertia

The Size of Businesses

  • The small business
  • Factors affecting the size of a business
  • Economies of large-scale operations
  • How firms and companies grow
  • Growth and company status
  • Mergers and takeovers

Recommended Reading

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Business Studies – G Whitehead (Butterworth Heinemann)

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