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Leadership & Teams

Main Topics of Study

Individuals as Leaders

Who is a Leader?

  • Defining leadership
  • Leadership skills
  • Managerial leadership roles
  • Levels of analysis of leadership theory
  • Leadership theory paradigms

Leadership Ethics and Traits

  • Personality traits and leadership
  • The big five including traits of effective leaders
  • The personality profile of effective leaders
  • Leadership attitudes
  • Ethical leadership

Leadership Motivation and Behaviour

  • Leadership behaviour and styles
  • University of Michigan and Ohio State University studies
  • The leadership grid
  • Leadership and major motivation theories
  • Content motivation theories
  • Process motivation theories
  • Reinforcement theories
  • Motivation theories and the motivation process

Contingent Theories in Leadership

  • Contingency leadership theories and models
  • Contingency leadership theory and model
  • Leadership continuum theory and model
  • Path-goal leadership theory and model
  • Behavioural and contingency theories together
  • Leadership substitutes theory

Influencing: Politics, Power, Negotiation and Networking

  • Power
  • Organisational politics
  • Networking
  • Negotiation
  • Ethics and influencing

Team Leadership

Coaching, Communication and Conflict Skills

  • Communication
  • Feedback
  • Coaching
  • Managing conflict
  • Collaborating conflict management style models

Followership and Leader-Member Exchange

  • Evolution of dyadic theory
  • Leader-member exchange theory
  • Strengths and limitations of LMX theory
  • Followership
  • Delegation
  • Follower evaluation and feedback

Self-managed Teams and Team Leadership

  • Leadership behaviour and styles
  • The use of teams in an organisation
  • Types of teams
  • Decision-making in teams
  • Leadership skills for effective team meetings
  • Self-managed teams

Leadership in Organisations

Transformational and Charismatic Leadership

  • Charismatic leadership
  • Transformational leadership
  • An integrated perspective
  • Stewardship and servant leadership

Leadership of Ethics, Diversity and Culture

  • Organisational culture
  • Ethics leadership
  • Diversity leadership

Change Management and Strategic Leadership

  • Globalisation and environmental stability
  • Strategic management framework
  • Leading change

The Learning Organisation and Crisis Leadership

  • Crisis leadership
  • The learning organisation and knowledge management

Recommended Reading

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Effective Leadership, 5th edition (2010), CF Adhua and RN Lusser, Cengage UK

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