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Foundations Of Leadership

Main Topics of Study

Classical Leadership

  • The republic
  • The art of war
  • The prince
  • The treatise on general sociology

Traditional Leadership

  • The nature of leadership
  • Leadership, membership and organisation
  • Situational control and a dynamic theory of leadership

Modern Leadership

  • A definition and illustration of democratic leadership
  • Top management styles in Europe
  • Shatter the glass ceiling
  • Sexual static

Mythical Leadership

  • The gentleman and the hero: Wellington and Napoleon
  • The leadership mystique
  • Leadership: an alternating social myth

Alternative Leadership

  • Organising, leadership and skilful process
  • Correspondents’ images of Martin Luther King, Jr: an interpretive theory of movement leadership
  • Voicing seduction to silence leadership

Recommended Reading

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Leadership: Classical, Contemporary and Critical Approaches, K Grint, Oxford University Press, 1997

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