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Contemporary Leadership Issues

Main Topics of Study

Understanding Leadership

  • Leadership explained
  • Global leadership attributes
  • Leadership snapshot

Recognising Traits

  • Leadership traits explained
  • Leadership snapshot
  • Leadership traits in practice

Engaging People’s Strengths

  • Strengths-based leadership explained
  • Strengths-based leadership in practice
  • Leadership snapshot

Understanding Philosophy and Styles

  • Leadership theory explained
  • Leadership styles explained
  • Leadership snapshot
  • Leadership styles in practice

Attending to Tasks and Relationships

  • Task and relationship styles explained
  • Leadership snapshot
  • Task and relationship styles in practice

Developing Leadership Styles

  • Administrative skills explained
  • Interpersonal skills explained
  • Leadership snapshot
  • Conceptual skills explained

Creating a Vision

  • Vision explained
  • Leadership snapshot
  • Vision in practice

Establishing a Constructive Climate

  • Constructive climate explained
  • Climate in practice
  • Leadership snapshot

Listening to Out-Group Members

  • Out-group members explained
  • Out-group members in practice
  • Leadership snapshot

Handling Conflict

  • Conflict explained
  • Leadership snapshot
  • Handling conflict in practice

Addressing Ethics in Leadership

  • Leadership ethics explained
  • Leadership ethics in practice
  • Leadership snapshot

Overcoming Obstacles

  • Obstacles explained
  • Overcoming obstacles in practice
  • Leadership snapshot

Recommended Reading

Main Text:

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Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice, 3rd edition, 2014, PG Northouse, London, Sage

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Alternative Text and Further Reading: