Remote Assignment Update

October 28, 2020
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Thank you for all the exceptionally positive feedback to the ICM RAs. Currently we are busily validating and marking scripts and are processing RAs for December 2020.  ICM would like to reassure you that we are doing everything within our power to keep Learners engaged in educational pursuits and remove any barriers to educational achievements that Learners might currently be experiencing. There have been some very helpful actionable points in response to ICM RAs raised by ICM Approved Teaching Centres, which we address here:


What has been said (Q) and how we have responded (A):


Q: Please can you supply a research skills unit and/or make research skills an essential part of all units?

A:  Whilst it is not appropriate to make research methods and essential part of every unit, we do appreciate that for units that require referencing it can be difficult to identify credible sources. Therefore we have produced guidance on the research methods and academic referencing which we hope you find useful. These resources can be found here.


Q: Can you retain RAs to use as coursework and give us a grade against this?

A: ICM RAs are provided as an alternative to an examination in an examination hall so that all Learners are kept safe from harm due to the potential exposure to COVID-19. ICM RAs are serving as an interim adaptation to traditional examinations until it is safe for the traditional ICM examinations to resume. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to retain this adapted assessment as a form of coursework, because that would require an alternative assessment strategy. However, ICM appreciate and have noted interest in coursework and will consider the appropriateness of including this into relevant units as part of our development and review cycles.


Q: As well as the methods of submitting RAs you have given, can we also load RAs via a portal?

A: ICM are pleased to provide you with a Portal for Learners to submit RAs for the December 2020 series. The ICM website will be updated on Monday 30th November for Portal access.


Q: Can you provide us with more learning resources?

A: As an Awarding Organisation (AO) ICM provides guidance on what the Learners must cover in order to engage in the assessment. Centres are responsible for providing Learners with teaching and learning materials. However, we understand that as an AO working with a number of Centres and Examiners we are uniquely placed to facilitate the sharing of teaching and learning resources, particularly at this time when operating internationally there is no consistency in the opening/closing of Centres and student/teacher attendance at teaching Centres.  As a result of this situation we have organised a “SharePoint” which is available to access here. The aim of this SharePoint is that teachers at ICM Approved Teaching Centres and ICM Examiners can share resources to facilitate learning both for the ICM RAs as well as for revision when the traditional examinations commence. Please note these resources are not produced by ICM and are not intended to replace regular teaching and contact (and, where possible, safe guided learning) with an ICM Approved Teaching Centre, which must remain as Learners main form of education.


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