Applying for Support

As an ICM learner, you are expected to be independent; taking responsibility for your own academic studies, however, your Study Centre should also provide you with appropriate help and assistance. Your tutors will direct your studies and ensure that you know what work you need to cover in any given unit. Seek advice from academic staff either during or after class, or see them during their office hours and please enjoy the use of our past papers and free eLearning resources. The content is not intended to replace the professional development supplied by our teaching Centres but is, instead, meant to supplement their provision.

Support for Learners - Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration:
ICM and its Centres recognise the diverse needs of Learners and is committed to ensuring each individual can access our qualifications and examinations. Modified question papers, extra time, and the use of a reader and/or scribe may enable Learners with special educational needs, disabilities or temporary injuries to undertake our assessments. How to apply: If you are a Learner, please discuss and make arrangements with the ICM Coordinator at your Approved Centre. Centres can find more information, including how and when to apply, in our Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy and Procedure: