ICM Examination Timetable

Next closing date for entries: 18th of March 2020 for June 2020 examination series

Upcoming entry deadlines for ICM examinations:

Closing Date
December 2020
23rd September 2020
March 2021
16th December 2020
June 2021
17th March 2021
September 2021
23rd June 2021
December 2021
22nd September 2021
September 2020 Revised Timetable PDFView the Full 2020 Examination Timetable PDFView the Full 2021 Examination Timetable PDF

All forms and fees must be received at the ICM offices on the closing date above. (Learners must check with their Centres for internal deadlines, as these will be prior to the ICM closing dates). Sanctions will be applied for late or incomplete learner registration and examination entry forms or fees. Please refer to our Sanctions Policy for more information.

Upcoming Resources for September 2020 Examination Series


Results Dates

ICM does not provide Learners with results directly and these are not published online. Please contact your ICM Approved Centre to arrange collection of results at the following times:

4th of January 2021 for exams taken in September 2020