De Montfort University Fraud Prevention Initiative May 2021

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ICM has been working with researchers at De Montfort University, Leicester, England as part of their Charity Fraud Prevention Initiative. The project was designed to analyse awarding organisation (AO) systems and to make recommendations relating to ICM’s counter fraud, bribery and corruption procedures.


A fraud risk assessment was completed in conjunction with the research team as part of a series of meetings and document reviews. The outcome of the research concluded the following:


- All levels of management at ICM have a thorough understanding of their duties to combat fraud and corruption from occurring within the charity.

- ICM are clearly aware of the risk of fraud and has a robust system of control which aims to prevent fraud.

- ICM policies and procedures clearly demonstrate the commitment of the charity to tackling fraud. 

- ICM trustees, employees, and volunteers are aware of and abide by the relevant policies and procedures.

- There is a positive attitude towards whistleblowing because the charity ensures that all concerns regarding whistleblowing will be taken seriously and will not victimise anyone that raises those concerns.

- Financial conflicts of interest have been defined properly and the policies that are in place sufficiently protect the charity from financial fraud.

- Whilst ICM has met the aims and objectives in relation to preventing, managing and challenging fraud, the final report highlights useful guidance and ideas for continuing to strengthen the counter fraud culture at ICM.

ICM’s relevant policies and procedures can be found at:

·        Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption

·        Fraud

·        Conflict ofInterest

·        Whsitleblowing  


ICM were delighted to volunteer and to be chosen for this collaborative work with De Montfort University and would strongly encourage any AOs who get the opportunity to take part.  We would like to thank Dr Paschal Ohalehi and his team of Alex Heron and Daniel John and wish them every success with their valuable work.

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