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Programming For TV, Radio & The Internet

Main Topics of Study

The History of Programming

  • The need for programming
  • The early days of programming
  • The beginning of network programming
  • Radio
  • The introduction of television and its effect on radio
  • Programming cycles and trends
  • The switch from shows to formats
  • Television’s golden age of drama
  • Quiz shows
  • The television networks take over programming
  • The development of public broadcasting
  • The financial interest and domestic syndication rule
  • The rise of independent stations and syndicators
  • The explosion of cable
  • Syndication in radio
  • New networks with targeted and niche programming
  • The quest for young demographic
  • Viewing patterns and changing audience attention spans
  • The decline of Long-Form Programming
  • Supercharged programming choices: the internet
  • New media recording technologies
  • The rise of consumer-supported media
  • The video game explosion
  • Regulations
  • Globalisation

Sources of Television Programming

  • Major production companies
  • Independent production companies
  • Foreign production sources
  • Networks
  • Stations
  • Buyers
  • Syndicators
  • Advertisers
  • In-house production
  • Members of the public
  • Newspapers, magazines and books
  • Managers, agents and stars

Sources of Radio and Internet Programming

  • Sources of programming for radio
  • Sources of internet programming


  • Television development
  • Radio development
  • Internet development


  • Television testing
  • Radio testing
  • Internet testing

Elements of Successful Programming

  • Television programming
  • Radio programming
  • Internet programming

Influences on Television Programming

  • External influences on television
  • Internal influences on television

Influences on Radio and Internet Programming

  • Influences on radio programming
  • Influences on internet programming

Scheduling Strategies for Television

  • Television scheduling
  • Fitting the show to the available audience
  • Launching the show
  • Counterprogramming
  • Bridging and supersizing
  • Crossprogramming
  • Changing the time slot
  • Boosting the audience

Scheduling Strategies for Radio and the Internet

  • Commercial radio scheduling
  • Satellite radio scheduling
  • Public radio scheduling
  • Internet scheduling

Programme Evaluation

  • Television
  • Commercial radio
  • The internet
  • Ratings

Changing and Cancelling Programmes

  • Television
  • Radio
  • The internet

Recommended Reading

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Programming for TV, Radio and The Internet, Philippe Perebinossoff, Brian Gross & Lynne S Gross, Focal Press, Oxford (2005)

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