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Main Topics of Study

The Nature of Negotiation

  • Characteristics of a negotiation situation
  • Interdependence
  • Mutual adjustment
  • Value claiming and value creation
  • Conflict
  • Effective conflict management

Strategy and Tactics of Distributive Bargaining

  • The distributive bargaining situation
  • Tactical tasks
  • Positions taken during negotiation
  • Closing the deal
  • Hardball tactics

Strategy and Tactics of Integrative Negotiation

  • An overview of the integrative negotiation process
  • Key steps in the integrative negotiation process
  • Factors that facilitate successful integrative negotiation

Negotiation: Strategy and Planning

  • Goals
  • Strategy versus tactics
  • The planning process

Ethics in Negotiation

  • Ethical quandaries
  • The meaning of ethics and their importance in negotiation
  • Why ethical conduct issues arise in negotiations
  • Deceptive tactics – motives and consequences
  • Dealing with deception

Perception, Cognition and Emotion

  • Perception
  • Framing
  • Cognitive biases in negotiation
  • Managing misperceptions and cognitive biases in negotiation
  • Mood, emotion and negotiation


  • Communication during negotiation
  • How people communicate in negotiation
  • Improving communication in negotiation
  • Communication and closing negotiation

Finding and Using Negotiation Power

  • The importance of power
  • The definition of power
  • Dealing with others who have more power

Relationships in Negotiation

  • Negotiations in communal sharing relationships
  • Key elements in managing negotiations within relationships

Multiple Parties, Groups and Teams in Negotiations

  • The nature of multiparty negotiations
  • Managing multiparty negotiations

International and Cross-Cultural Negotiations

  • How international negotiations differ
  • Conceptualising culture and negotiation
  • Managerial perspectives
  • Research perspectives
  • Culturally responsive negotiation strategies

Best Practices in Negotiation

  • Approaches and techniques

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Essentials of Negotiation

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