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Maritime Security & Safety Management

Main Topics of Study

Commercial Seaports and Modes of Maritime

  • Transport
  • Commercial seaports
  • Container terminals
  • Bulk cargo terminals
  • Cruise ship terminals
  • Non-traditional ports
  • Stakeholders
  • Terminal owners
  • Terminal operators
  • Stevedore company
  • Longshoremen
  • Intermodalism
  • Modes of maritime transport
  • Tankers
  • LNG tankers
  • Chemical tankers
  • Container ships
  • Freighters
  • Bulkers
  • Ocean-going tugboats
  • Cruise and passenger ships

Documentation, Financial Transactions and Business Entities in Commercial Maritime Transportation

  • Purchase of goods
  • Documents used to export and import cargo:
  • BilI of lading
  • Shipper’s export declaration
  • Certificate of origin
  • Commercial invoice
  • Insurance certificate
  • Export license
  • Consular invoice
  • Inspection certificate
  • Documents specific to import cargo only:
  • Arrival notice
  • Pro forma invoice
  • Customs entries forms
  • Freight release
  • Delivery order
  • Duty drawback
  • Bank draft
  • Letter of credit
  • Business entities in commercial maritime transportation

International Maritime Security Regulation and Programmes

  • Objectives
  • Introduction
  • The ISPS Code
  • Amendments to SOLAS
  • WCO’s framework of standards to secure and facilitate global trade

Vulnerabilities in the Cargo Supply Chain

  • Vulnerabilities and their potential impact
  • Recommended security practices at the production/loading phase
  • Recommended security practices at the export phase
  • Carriers and seaports
  • Recommended security practices at the importation/distribution phase
  • Ports of entry and importers
  • Special vulnerabilities in the maritime environment
  • Cargo theft
  • Internal conspiracies and techniques used to circumvent security
  • Container seals
  • “Red Flags” of possible criminal/terrorist surveillance

Plagues of the Seas: Piracy and Stowaways

  • Definition and historical beginnings
  • Highlights of recent cases of piracy
  • Trends in piracy
  • The linkage between piracy, organised crime, and terrorism
  • Stowaways
  • The motivation of the stowaway
  • Techniques and tactics used by stowaways

Drug Smuggling via Maritime Cargo, Containers and Vessels

  • Illegal drug origins and production
  • Maritime smuggling routes and trends
  • Drug smuggling methods and techniques

Terrorism and Commercial Maritime Transportation

  • Review of the history of terrorism
  • Current trends in terrorism
  • Types of weapons utilised
  • Explosives
  • Small arms and infantry weapons
  • Weapons of mass destruction (WMD)
  • Terrorist targeting of ships and ports
  • Use of ships, cargo, and containers to transport
  • Terrorists and materials

Strategic Blueprint for World-Class Seaport

  • External security ring
  • Intelligence operations
  • Government and law enforcement liaison
  • Perimeter security ring
  • Inner security ring
  • Site and asset-specific security rings
  • Vessel security ring
  • Key vessel security procedures
  • Pre-departure search for contraband and unauthorised persons
  • Security personnel employment and training
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Basic security training
  • Security officer equipment
  • Port security director
  • Port facility security plan

Port Security Management

  • The port security director
  • The systems approach, ISO Certifications, strategic planning, and metric management
  • A multi-organisational approach toward port security
  • The importance of comprehensive job descriptions
  • Planning and conducting security-related training
  • Intelligence and its role in maritime security
  • Risk management and port security
  • Contingency planning
  • The Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Incidents Management System (NIMS)
  • Testing training and planning through exercises and drills

Threat Mitigation Strategies

  • Mitigating pirate attacks
  • Hostage survival and rescue
  • Cargo container inspection techniques
  • Security equipment, systems, and devices used to detect contraband and unauthorised persons in a container

Information Security and Assurance

  • History of information security
  • The information security function in a maritime company
  • Key concepts in the field of information security
  • Essential Infosec objectives
  • Levels of computer security
  • Common vulnerabilities in the electronic commerce environment
  • Human threats to information security
  • Technical risks

Recommended Reading

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