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Managing In The Media

Main Topics of Study

The Media Environment

The Media Industry in the New Millennium

  • The audiovisual industry
  • The global industry
  • The independents and the broadcasters contractual relationships
  • The independent production sector
  • Technology and legislation
  • Into the digital age
  • British public service broadcasting
  • British film policy
  • European Union media policy

Mass Media Theory

  • The mass media and society
  • Media theory and philosophy
  • The stratification of media products
  • Sociology and technology
  • Language and meaning
  • The Auteur Debate

Media and its Cultural Implications

  • The audience
  • The development of the Hollywood System
  • Realism
  • Modernism
  • The age of fragmentation

Management Theories and Applications to the Media Industry

The Growth of Business in the Audiovisual Industry

  • The role of the entrepreneur
  • The independent industrial scene
  • Greiner’s development model
  • The boundaries of the firm
  • The relationship between buyer and seller

Behaviour in Media Organisations and Organisational Behaviour

  • Group behaviour
  • Innovation and creativity
  • The culture of the organisation

Strategic Management

  • The company audit
  • Five forces model
  • The value chain
  • The Boston Box
  • Forecasting and scenario planning
  • Choices and options
  • Mental models and business behaviour
  • Corporate finance and the media industry
  • The role of the manager

Media Law

  • Principles of media law
  • Media ethics

Media Management in Action Production

  • Production strategies
  • The characteristics of a project
  • The production project cycle
  • Project fatigue

Production Project Management in Practice

  • Initiation, ideas, evaluation and assessment
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Completion

Recommended Reading

Main Text:

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Managing in the Media, Peter Block (Ed), William Houseley, Tom Nicholls & Ron Southwell, Focal Press, Oxford (2001)

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