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IT For Marketing Management

Main Topics of Study

Marketing’s Challenge

  • More sophisticated and demanding customers
  • Changes in product management
  • The ‘virtualisation’ of distribution channels
  • The ‘virtualisation’ of payments
  • The increasing globalisation of markets
  • Marketing’s mid-life crisis

The Arrival of the Digital Age

  • The digital revolution
  • Government and the information society
  • Business and eCommerce
  • The implications for business

How Can Marketing Respond?

  • A new marketing model for the digital age
  • The marketing potential of the internet
  • Marketing tips and pitfalls
  • The arrival of digital television and interactive services

Conducting Marketing Research

  • The use of IT in primary data collection
  • The use of IT in secondary data collection
  • Using IT to analyse information
  • Continuous marketing research
  • Advertising research
  • Other research applications

Creating Customer Insight

  • Increasing sophistication of customer segmentation
  • Using new approaches to customer segmentation
  • Warehousing customer data
  • Mining customer data
  • Creating a knowledge organisation

Creating the Customer Database

  • Marketing information systems
  • The central role of the customer database
  • Developing the customer database
  • Treating the customer database as a strategic resource

Database Marketing and Direct Marketing

  • The evolution of database marketing
  • The value of database marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Managing data privacy issues in the digital age

Relationship Marketing

  • The rise of relationship marketing
  • Customer relationship management
  • The role of IT in relationship marketing

Product – More Variety, Faster

  • Using IT to improve the range of viable offerings
  • Using IT to increase speed to market
  • Using IT to support the product development life cycle
  • Using advanced manufacturing techniques in product commercialisation

Price – What Are You Prepared To Pay?

  • eBusiness is rewriting the pricing rules
  • Establishing accurate costs
  • Making well-informed and rapid pricing decisions

Place – Your Place Or Mine?

  • The increasing importance of direct channels
  • Indirect channel changes
  • Managing multiple distribution channels

Promotion – The Market of One

  • Fragmentation of television advertising
  • Trends in other advertising media
  • The increasingly targeted nature of sales promotions
  • The growth of the internet as an advertising medium
  • The potential of digital television and radio
  • Growth of public relations on the internet

Improving Sales Force Effectiveness

  • The impact of the digital age on the sales function
  • The three generations of sales force automation
  • Successful technology enables selling

Delivering Customer Service and Support

  • Growth in telephone-based customer service
  • Call Centre technology
  • Principles of good Call Centre management

Developing Marketing Systems That Work

  • Common management issues with IT
  • Specific problems with IT in marketing
  • IT trends in the digital age
  • A potential way forward

Recommended Reading

Main Text:

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Marketing in the Digital Age – J O’Connor & E Galvin (Prentice Hall)

Indicative Text:

Alternative Text and Further Reading:

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The Marketing Book – M J Baker (Butterworth/Heinemann)

Marketing Management & Information Technology – W Flehher (Prentice Hall)