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Convergent Journalism

Main Topics of Study

What is Convergent Journalism?

  • Fragmenting audiences
  • Technology
  • Social and legal structural factors affecting convergence
  • Easy versus difficult convergence
  • Business models and convergence
  • Cultural factors

The Multimedia Assignment Editor and Producer

  • Advantages of each medium
  • Covering the news in the multimedia world
  • Covering breaking news

Words: The Foundation Stone of Journalism

  • Technology
  • How to write well
  • Putting it together
  • The editing process

Broadcast Writing and Speaking

  • Rules for readability
  • Rules for understandability
  • Story formats

Writing for the Web

  • Traditional news writing for the web
  • Telling your story through multiple media
  • Blogs
  • Changing attitudes to fit the web

Converged Graphics Across All Media

  • Information graphics history
  • Role of the graphics reporter
  • One story, multiple graphics
  • The power of information graphics

Digital Still Photography

  • The power of the still photograph
  • Impact of technology on photographic reporting
  • The democratisation of photography
  • The birth of modern photojournalism
  • The digital age
  • Picture editing for different media
  • Photographers’ responsibilities for different media
  • Conflicting ethical standards among media outlets
  • Positive and negative aspects of the multiple-medium photographer

Digital Video Photography

  • The professional television camera
  • White and black balancing
  • Composing images for the screen, television and computer
  • Audio
  • Putting it all together to tell a story
  • Story building

Editing for Moving Pictures

  • Nonlinear editing software
  • In the field
  • The FCP Interface
  • The NLE Process

Multimedia Journalism: Putting it all Together

  • Multimedia skills
  • The multimedia process

Multimedia Advertising

  • Advertising defined
  • History of multimedia advertising
  • New electronic mass media
  • Media advertising
  • Web and the new media
  • Searching for ad revenues on the web
  • Email
  • Making it personal on the internet
  • Instant messaging
  • Blogs
  • Growth of advertising
  • Personalised media
  • Consumer power

Multimedia Public Relations

  • Public relations in the digital age
  • Using multimedia to build relationships
  • Using multimedia to communicate with the media
  • Using multimedia to communicate with employees
  • Using multimedia to communicate with communities

Recommended Reading

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Convergent Journalism An Introduction: Writing and Producing Across Media Stephen Quinn & Vincent F Filak, Focal Press, Oxford (2005)

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