ICM Remote Assignments

“Having supported Centres and Learners for over 40 years, ICM appreciate the enormity of the challenges educational practitioners and Learners have and continue to encounter. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many aspects of life to a standstill. However, having now liaised with education ministries worldwide and reflected on the feasibility of offering validated opportunities for assessment to our Learners and Centres we are now delighted to launch the ICM Remote Assignments. ICM endeavour to support Centres and Learners during these challenging times, and we hope the ICM Remote Assignments will bring an opportunity for a positive focus and we wish you all nothing but success in the future.” Adair Ford, ICM CEO.

March 2022

View key dates for the March 2022 Remote Assignment series and access the Remote Assignment question papers.

March 2021

The March 2021 series will see a return to examinations. The only exception will be for Centres ICM have directly contacted to make alternative arrangements to continue Remote Assignments due to ongoing restrictions caused by the pandemic. Students are advised to contact their teaching Centre for further information. For Centres who are completing Remote Assignments for March 2022, find Remote Assignment guidance documentation and past papers in the March 2022 section.


Registering for ICM Remote Assignments

If you haven’t already been registered and entered by your ICM Teaching Centre and if your ICM Teaching Centre is closed, you can register and enter for ICM Remote Assignments directly with ICM. If you are already registered and entered for the December 2020 series with your ICM Approved Centre you do not need to register via this online application.

Register for ICM Remote Assignments